In Five Years. An unexpected love story.

In Five Years

By Rebecca Serle

5/5 Stairs

Which begins like this:

Twenty-five. That’s the number I count to every morning before I even open my eyes. It’s a meditative calming technique that helps your brain with memory, focus, and attention, but the real reason I do it is because that’s how long it takes my boyfriend, David, to get out of bed next to me and flip the coffee maker on, and for me to smell the beans.

In Five Years

Honestly? I’m not really sure how to write this book review. I loved Rebecca Serle’s The Dinner List so much; I knew I had to read In Five Years. When I picked up this book, I thought it was a romance. When I finished this book, I knew it was actually a love story. The greatest love story. And it was completely unexpected.

I hate to give any kind of spoilers, and this is the kind of book that is so hard to review without giving anything away. Quick summary: On the night of her engagement, Dannie falls asleep – and when she opens her eyes she finds herself five years in the future. In a strange apartment. With an even stranger man there. She spends and hour there before waking back up right where she started.

As evidenced from the opening of the book, Dannie is a planner. She has her life planned in minute details. So how do you avoid a future you haven’t planned for? How do you stay on the course you have set for yourself when you’ve seen a glimpse of what is to come? Can you change your destiny?

I thought that was what the book was about. And it is, sort of. But really it’s a story about love. And truly that’s about all I can say. Oh, and bring some Kleenex.

5 thoughts on “In Five Years. An unexpected love story.

  1. I saw your review and decided to read this. It’s my first experience with this author but – wow – you weren’t kidding. I hadn’t meant to read it in one sitting but here I am, 5 hours later, having swallowed the whole thing. Thanks for the rec!

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