Gone Without a Trace. A mini review.

Gone Without a Trace

By Mary Torjussen

Rating: 4/5 Stairs

GoneWithoutaTraceRecently I did a Top Ten Tuesday list that included “books you can’t put down.” If I had read Gone Without a Trace a few weeks ago, it would have been on that list.

Meet Hannah. She comes home one day to find that her boyfriend Matt has moved out. Not just moved out, but it looks like she has never even known him. All his stuff is gone. She has no record of him on her phone or email. He no longer works at his job. His Facebook account has been deleted. Just vanished.

…and that’s about all I want to say here about the book itself. Because after reading the entire book I just don’t want to give anything away. If I try to talk about anything (characters, setting, plot, whatever) I’m sure I’ll accidentally say too much. I will tell you how I felt as I read Gone Without a Trace.

Gone Without a Trace Quote

I’ve heard people use the expression “it was a roller coaster ride.” This is the first book I think I’ve read where I really felt that way at the end. The first half or so of the book was a slow and steady progression up the track. And then it went over the edge and wow, was it a fast, wild ride. I stayed up late into the night reading the last third of this book. I couldn’t put it down. I had to know what would happen next and how it would all end.

The first half did get a little slow, but hang on. You are in for a ride.

Many thanks to First to Read for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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