TTT: Sorry, but I’m not a quitter.

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday (TTT) brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish.

It’s Tuesday! Back for another Top Ten. This week’s topic:

Ten Bookish Things I Want to Quit Or Have Quit

aka ten book series I think I’m going to abandon, ten bookish habits I want to quit, ten authors I quit reading, ten types of books I’m quitting, ten tropes I want to stop reading about, ten books I marked as DNF (did not finish) recently, etc. 

As a bibliophile, this topic is a struggle for me. When it comes to books, I’m not a quitter. I don’t quit many authors. I have book genres I like, but I explore books outside of them as well.


I love books. I love to read books. Sure I’ve got some bad bookish habits, but not sure if they are things I would change. Let’s take a look.

Requesting too many digital ARCs.
pros: I get my hands on the book before publication!
cons: This summer I requested waaay too many and haven’t had time to read all of them. I learned my lesson there.
Will I ever change? Yes, I’ve gotten better about ARC requests. At least, for now.

Popping into the library for one book that is on hold, and leaving with at least four new, unplanned books.
pros: A great unexpected (and most likely unknown to me) library find!
cons: My TBR list grows at an exponential rate, and I’ll never have time to finish it if I keep picking up these random reads.
Will I ever change? I’ve tried, but I can’t resist adding stray books to my pile.

Reading too many books at the same time (I’m usually reading at least four books at once, including an audio book in the car).
pros: I always have a book handy, no matter where I am. (I even have a paperback in my purse.)
cons: Takes a while before I finish any one book (I seem to finish them all at the same time). Sometimes I can forget what was going on in one book and have to go back a bit, or look something up that happened earlier. Especially bad in a book with loads of characters.
Will I ever change? Ha! Not a chance.


Stopping a book in the middle to start something else that needs to be finished first.
pros: Pausing so I can read a book before it’s due back to the library, or to read an ARC.
cons: Typically my paused book is a book I own. I don’t buy a lot of books anymore, so if it’s one I’ve bought it’s one I really want to read. Sometimes it takes a long time to get back to my paused book. Case in point: Veronica Mars: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line. Started that one in June but had to set it down. She’s still waiting for me to get back to her.
Will I ever change? Unless I start reading one book at a time from start to finish, probably not. (See the previous bad bookish habit.)

Reading the last page (or sometimes the entire last chapter) of the book first.
pros: I know that the characters I like make it through the book okay.
cons: I know when the characters I like don’t make it through the book okay. And with mysteries sometimes I spoil myself on whodunit.
Will I ever change? When I’m reading an ebook, absolutely. I don’t cheat on those. A physical book (which is my preferred format)? Yeah, this is a habit I can’t break. I try to be really careful on mysteries though. Most don’t spoil on the very last page.


I continue to read the Stephanie Plum novels even though I am over them.
pros: I only have two books left. Until the next one comes out. In other news, I’m not a quitter.
cons: There are so many other books out there that aren’t repeating the same formula.
Will I ever change? I’m not a quitter. 😉

Turns out, I am a quitter. I can only think of six bookish habits for this list.

What was your take on TTT this week? Any bad bookish habits you’d like to share with the class? Comment below and link up to your own TTT if you’ve got one!

24 thoughts on “TTT: Sorry, but I’m not a quitter.

  1. Bad bookish habits…I have to say I’m with you reading the last page. Sometimes its just to see if there’s a reason to continue reading a book, at others, I can’t help but want to find out if the characters make it or not. It’s actually a pretty bad habit I need to learn to quit! LOL!
    Here’s my TTT, do check it out when you have the time 😀

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  2. Poly-reading is in no way a bad bookish habit. Only people who’s brains don’t work that way will tell you that it is. Personally, I’m usually reading 6-7 books at once and it works for me. The last time I had a reading slump it was because I was trying to focus on just one book.
    I have the same problem with Stephanie Plum. I’m all caught up at this point so, even though I know Tricky Twenty-Two will just be the same old thing, I’ll still read it.

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    • Yeah, I don’t know what it is about Stephanie. They are all the same and yet I stubbornly continue.

      It’s good to know it’s not just me reading multiple books at once! I can’t help myself. 🙂


  3. I really like this format, with the pros and cons and likelihood of quitting.
    I don’t know how people manage to read so many books at once! I can only manage one at a time (I do take it with me everywhere, though).
    I have a habit of reading the last line/paragraph/page of a book, too. I get impatient!
    My TTT 🙂

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    • Thanks! Yeah I’ve always read multiple books at once. It probably started with school – I had to read certain books for English (that I didn’t want to read!) and so I would always be reading something else that I did want to read as well. And sometimes I’m in the mood for one book and not another. Or a library waitlist has come in that I need to start working on. I always end up in the middle of a lot of books. 🙂


  4. I wish I could be more like you! I quit things all of the time :p Great list, though! I am the worst about reading the last page of a book if I start to get too antsy about what’s going to happen to the characters! I am the same way with Korean dramas, if I get too nervous about what’s going on, I will google a recap of the final episode and scroll down to the bottom to make sure everyone makes it out alive :p

    My TTT

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    • hehe…don’t worry – I do quit things. 🙂 Just not as much when it’s book related. I do have my authors and series I have given up on. But this darn Stephanie Plum. I am on a mission. I am also very stubborn. 😉


  5. I’ve gotten better about requesting too many ARCs. My big problem is with library e-books. I can put 7 books on hold at a time, and when they all come in at once I’m in trouble. That’s when I’ll set aside anything I own because library books have a deadline. I read as many as three books at a time, but I try to make sure they are really different genres so I don’t get too confused.

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    • Same thing happens to me – I have a bunch of books from favorite authors that I’ve bought but just don’t get to because my library waitlist. I’m trying to manage it better!


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