A Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up

It’s Monday again. Last week’s pick-me-up really helped me start the week on the right foot. So I’m doing it again! Could this be the start of a new weekly feature here at Hidden Staircase? Quite possibly, my friends.

This week’s pick-me-up has absolutely nothing to do with books or literature. (Yes, last week’s was thinly disguised as poetry.) But today’s pick-me-up has puppies. What could be better on an overcast Monday morning (it’s overcast for me, anyway) than puppies?

You may have seen this already, it’s been making the rounds on my Facebook feed. If you haven’t seen it, enjoy. If you have, watch it again. The puppies are cute no matter how many times you hit play.

One thought on “A Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up

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