The Sussex Downs Murder

The Sussex Downs Murder

John Bude

5/5 Stairs

For a summary of the story, visit the book’s page on Goodreads.The Sussex Downs Murder

Originally released in the 1930’s, The Sussex Downs Murder has been re-released for today’s mystery lovers. This is a fabulous classic crime read, with many plot twists and turns along the way. When John Rother mysteriously disappears (and bones begin appearing), Inspector Meredith is on the case. Meredith is a likeable character, and while we mostly see him on the case, we do get a few moments with him at home. I especially enjoyed the setting and the writing of 1930’s England.

One of the more fascinating aspects of this book comes to us in the character of Aldous Barnet, a local mystery writer. Meredith and Barnet have several conversations throughout the book in which Mr. Bude seems to give some insight into his own mystery writing techniques.

 I reckon, Mr. Barnet, that you should let your readers know just as much as the police know. That’s only fair. And one up to the reader who can outstrip the police and make an early arrest. Not guess-work, mark you, but a certainty based on proven facts. That’s only fair to us because we can’t arrest a chap just because we think he’s guilty.

True to his word, Mr. Bude keeps the reader up to date with Meredith’s investigation and the various clues – large and small – that he unearths. The alert armchair detective may put the pieces together early. If you miss a clue or two, don’t fear – Meredith explains it all in the end.

Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with a free advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

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