Brothers on Three. A mini review.

Brothers on Three

By Abe Streep

Rating: 4.5/5 Stairs

I closed my eyes and heard the balls bouncing, spinning against hands, snapping nets. Why basketball? I asked.

“No clue.” Phil looked down at the ball in his hands. “It’s hard. It takes learning. You gotta work for everything you put into that basketball.”

Will said, “I dunno, man. Just something I grew up with. It either runs in your family or it don’t.” He paused. “And it’s pretty fun, too.” The ball spun off his fingertips. “But it can also break your heart.” 

Brothers on Three

Brothers on Three is an engaging non-fiction story following the Arlee Warriors high school basketball team. Loved this look into life at the Flathead Indian Reservation and the challenges these athletes (and the community) face. 

The play-by-play of the games is excellent; you can feel the excitement the author had while watching, he paints such a vivid picture. The players almost dance on the court. I loved the sense of community surrounding the team, and that they play as a team and not as individuals. 

Mr. Streep follows the entire team (and their families) instead of focusing on just one star player. While this is a story centered around basketball, it is more than that. He also focuses on the history of the reservation and its people, the struggle the Native players have (and disadvantage trying to get into the Division I college teams), and the Warrior Movement, where the players work to make a difference in suicide prevention. 

Definitely recommend this read to basketball fans, but this covers more than just basketball and will be of interest to anyone who enjoys a coming-of-age novel. 

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