Metaphor for Murder. A Mini Review.

Metaphor for Murder

By Becky Clark

Rating: 4.5/5 Stairs

Which begins like this:

I jumped when he licked my calf. Behind me I heard the wheezing and huffing that signified the unmistakable arrival of Peter O’Drool.

“Hey Pete,” Ozzi said. “You trying to steal my girl?” He bent to pet the rambunctious pug who lived upstairs with Don and Barb Singer.

“Oh, honey,” I said to Ozzi, squatting down to rub Peter’s face. “That ship sailed. I fell in love with Pete long before I met you.”

Metaphor for Murder by Becky Clark

This is a great cozy series as the main character (Charlee) is a cozy mystery writer who always ends up in the middle of a real-life mystery. In this outing, a fellow writer doesn’t show up for an event, leaving Charlee on the hook for refunding all of the attendees money with zero of the cash they paid to sign up. Charlee is fuming and determined to find writer Rodolfo Lapaglia – to get out of debt and to give him a piece of her mind. The problem is, he’s no where to be found. As she starts searching, it’s clear that someone else is looking for Rodolfo Lapaglia as well – and they dognap her neighbor’s pug (Peter O’Drool) to give Charlee even more incentive to find him.

Metaphor for Murder is a fun read – I found myself laughing out loud in places. The series is set in Denver; I live in the Denver-metro area, and so I really enjoyed reading about familiar locations. The story moves quickly along, and Ms. Clark writes great dialog. The mystery itself was an exciting ride to the end.

This is the third in the series, but you can jump right in here with Charlee’s latest adventure. It does mention two of her previous cases, but just in passing and no spoilers. If you’re looking for a fun mystery, don’t miss Metaphor for Murder!

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