Read Christie 2021 Challenge

I realized I haven’t read any Agatha Christie in a long time. Like, a really long time. Decades. Which just doesn’t seem right for an armchair detective like myself. I stumbled across this great “Read Christie 2021” challenge that can help me change that. One Agatha Christie book a month for 2021.

It’s easy to join, just sign up for their newsletter and receive the printable challenge sheet. Or, if you don’t want another newsletter coming to your inbox, you can just visit the post. It lists off each month’s topic along with the official read for that month, as well as alternate suggestions.

I’m not always the best with my follow through on book challenges (I never even get close to finishing the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge every year!), but this one seems pretty doable for a mystery lover. January’s topic is “A Story Set in a Grand House,” and the official suggestion is The Hollow. Alternate suggested titles include: The Mysterious Affair at StylesThe Body in the LibraryCrooked House or Curtain.

This challenge is right up my alley, and I think I’ve only read the really popular Christie novels (such as And Then There Were None, Murder on the Orient Express, etc.) so these will all be new reads for me. Plus a great way to explore the writings of the Queen of Mystery. Anyone care to join me? #ReadChristie2021

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