Bitter Harvest.

Bitter Harvest (A Greenhouse Mystery)

By Wendy Tyson

Rating 5/5 Stairs

BitterHarvestYou all know that I love a good mystery of any kind – thriller, spy, art theft. But my favorite mystery niche is probably the cozy. A good cozy usually takes place in a small town, is full of interesting characters, and has a (typically amateur) sleuth trying to figure out whodunit. For me, the cozy isn’t necessarily about the mystery. It’s the characters and the setting that keep me coming back for more.

Ms. Tyson has found a great setting for her books — the town of Winsome. The folks are friendly (well, most of them). The food sounds amazing (between Alvaro’s dishes at the cafe, the harvests going on at the farm, and even the simple picnics Megan shares with Denver, I’m hungry just thinking about it). And then there’s our heroine, Megan. She’s hardworking, down-to-earth, maybe a little flawed, and just downright likable.

It’s the kind of place that I love to read about. And perfect for that small town mystery.

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Megan and her grandmother Bibi own and run their organic family farm, Washington Acres, and the Washington Acres Cafe in Winsome. A Muddied Murder spent time on the ins and outs of life on the farm and getting the cafe up and running. Now that Washington Acres is somewhat established, this second outing focuses more on the town and the upcoming Oktoberfest celebration.

Washington Acres hopes to be a sponsor of Oktoberfest, and at the very least will be participating in the food events. In fact, things are getting pretty heated around town regarding Oktoberfest and it’s sponsors, including the Breakfast Club regulars at the cafe. Soon after, one of the Oktoberfest vendors turns up dead. Is it an accident, or something more? And if it is murder, who in Winsome could have done it?

Bibi and I watched enough Murder, She Wrote when I was little to know that the really bad stuff happens in the cutest, quaintest, littlest towns.

(As a Murder, She Wrote lover, that quote made me chuckle.)

Megan not only finds herself in the middle of this latest town mystery, but she’s got a few personal mysteries to contend with as well. Is someone watching her and/or her farm, or is she just paranoid? She’s recently connected with her Aunt Sarah, who seems to be holding back information about Megan’s long-lost mother. And what to do about Denver, the handsome, Scottish, town veterinarian?

Once again, Ms. Tyson pulled me in on the first page and I was hooked until the end. I am looking forward to my next outing with Winsome.

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Many thanks to NetGalley and Henery Press for providing me with an advance copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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