A Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up, Time Travel Style

Welcome to another Monday morning! I know, a lot of grumbles out there. The weekend is done and it's back to the daily grind. Again. Now if we had a time machine, we could skip Monday all together and just get right into Tuesday. Or Friday. At 5:00. Ready for the weekend! But I digress... If … Continue reading A Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up, Time Travel Style

A Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up

It's Monday again. Are you still celebrating your favorite team's victory? (It was a nail-biter but the Denver Broncos managed to pull out a win in overtime!) Or stuck wallowing in the agony of defeat? (Really, Colorado Avalanche? You should be able to score during a 5 on 3 opportunity.) Or maybe you're like me and … Continue reading A Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up