Too Good to Be True. A Mini Review

Too Good to Be True

By Carola Lovering

Rating 3.5/5

Which starts like this

Something is going on with Burke this morning. I can tell because he asks me three times how I want my eggs.

“Over easy!” I call from the bedroom. It’s how I’ve asked for my eggs every time since we began dating six months ago.

Burke is a morning person and I am not, and I love that he’s gotten in the habit of making me breakfast on weekend mornings while I lounge in bed with a book.

“Over easy, right?” he shouts again from the kitchen.

“Right! Thanks.” I sink back into the pillows, confused. Burke and I have been living together for over two months now. He knows how I like my eggs.

Too Good to Be True

This is a book where I feel like the less you know going in, the better, so I’m going to keep this review pretty short. Skye and Burke’s love story unfolds to the reader through multiple points of view told from three perspectives: it switches from Skye’s narrative and Burke’s journal in the present to Heather’s story in the past. The first half is a fast page turner.

I’ve read a lot of these types of thrillers, and figured out the twists pretty early on, but I think that’s on me and not the author. Without giving anything away plot-wise, the first part was well plotted, however the second part started to feel a little redundant as the points of view shift a bit and we rehash a lot of part one told through different eyes.

All-in-all an entertaining read and I liked the ending.

Many thanks to NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book for review.

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