Turbo Twenty-Three. Why am I still reading these?

Turbo Twenty-Three

By Janet Evanovich

Rating: 2/5 Stairs

Turbo23I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I’ve got a checklist of eleven things that happen in pretty much every Stephanie Plum novel.

  1. Stephanie and Lula always make at least one ridiculous capture where the humor is no longer funny.
  2. Stephanie’s car is blown up
  3. Someone is after Stephanie
  4. Stephanie can’t decide between Morelli and Ranger
  5. Stephanie’s mother is either ironing, cooking, and/or sneaking alcohol
  6. Stephanie’s grandmother is at a viewing at the funeral parlor
  7. Stephanie is eating donuts and/or Cluck-in-a-Bucket
  8. Stephanie gets kidnapped
  9. Stephanie gets rescued by Ranger and/or Morelli
  10. Lula wears spandex and/or a crazy outfit
  11. Lula can’t find her gun in her purse when she needs it

These pretty much all happen, with the exception of #11. And in regards to #2 – Stephanie’s car is not blown up, but one she was riding around as a passenger in is. So, that totally counts.

Even though Stephanie got engaged to be engaged to Morelli in book #22, she is back to being indecisive about Morelli vs. Ranger, and sleeps with both of them. (Separately.) Again.

My husband asked me why I keep reading (listening to) these books. Honestly, I’m not sure except that this audio book was available when I was at the library.

5 thoughts on “Turbo Twenty-Three. Why am I still reading these?

  1. I kinda feel this way when reading Nancy Drew as an adult, I mean does she have to get kidnapped in every book? But the nostalgia keeps me going back, even if the plot isn’t the best. But with books like those by Janet Evanovich I have to wonder why the publisher keep pushing them out. Surely there is something fresh and better out there.


  2. I’ve only read one and I quite enjoyed it, but I can see how it can get boring after 23 installments. If you don’t enjoy them anymore, then maybe you should indeed stop reading them. There are too many good books around.

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    • I really enjoyed the first 7 or 8 books. They were fresh and funny. But then she started recycling all the plot lines! I think someone new to the series (or hasn’t read many) would probably enjoy this one. The second book is my favorite. I think the thing that really bugs me is we are 23 books in and she STILL can’t decide between Morelli and Ranger. 🙂

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