TTT: A note for today.

Hello my lovely readers!

Just a quick note to let you know I am not doing a Top Ten Tuesday list for today. The topic just wasn’t jiving with me this week. (Top Ten Books I Can’t Believe I Read.) Sometimes that happens.

So sorry about no list this week, but I am working on not one but TWO book reviews, so keep an eye out for those. And of course I will be back to Top Tenning it Up at Hidden Staircase next week for our regularly scheduled programming.


Just because I’m not jiving this week, doesn’t mean you aren’t! If you did a TTT list on books you can’t believe you read, please comment with a link to it below. I would love to see how you tackled this week’s topic!

8 thoughts on “TTT: A note for today.

    • hmmm…for some reason it’s not letting me comment on your post? I’ll post here for now. 🙂 I said…I like that most of these aren’t your usual reads but you enjoyed them. That is awesome! The Lisa Lutz book is on my TBR, but now after seeing your comment, I’m not so sure. I’ve read the first in her Spellman series, which was really funny, so a totally different mystery genre from The Passenger.


      • Sorry that my blog is not cooperating! I’ve had another blogger (and maybe more- yikes) have trouble leaving a comment too. Maybe I should look at other commenting systems. But anyway- yes this was an interesting list to put together! I had high hopes for The Passenger, and it wasn’t bad, it just didn’t wow me. I would try her again though, depending on the book…


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