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Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday (TTT) brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish.

May 9: Ten Things On Our Reading Wish List (topic originally done January 2014) — things you want to see more of in books — tropes, a time period, a specific type of character, an issue tackled, a certain plot, etc. All those things that make you think I WANT MORE OF THIS IN BOOKS!

This is an interesting topic, but difficult for a gal like me who likes to read almost anything. There are so many books out there, I think there really is something for everyone. And when I started thinking about this, I realized that most of the wish list items I thought of were already covered on my list from a few weeks ago, The Laws of Book Attraction. And I try not to make these TTT lists repetitive.

Having said that, here are five things on my Reading Wish List.


Reading Wish List

Scotland Yard Detectives. You all know mysteries are my favorite type of book to read. And for me, nothing beats a Scotland Yard Detective story.

Time Travel. No brainer for me. I love time travel.

Fairy Tale Retellings. These are quickly becoming a favorite genre of mine. The twists and turns are so interesting when an author thinks of what the character’s origin story could be, or re-imagines a tale from another perspective.

Narrated by Jim Dale. I love to hear Jim Dale read books. He is the best.

Books set in the 1980’s. Great music. Interesting Fashion. Big hair. What more could you ask for?


What about you? What makes your reading wish list? Sound off below and link up to your own TTT if you’ve got one!

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