Let love trump hate.

Hello, America. Another election year has come and gone. We do this every four years. We watch some debates. We listen to the news. We research the candidates. We vote. Sometimes my guy wins. Sometimes your guy wins. We move on.

This year feels different.

This election was intense. Divided. Full of hate. We immersed ourselves in it. Lived in this election for months on end, constantly disbelieving the next twist and turn. And now we’re here.

I’ve seen a lot of posts on social media this morning. A lot of anger. Sadness. Disbelief. Celebration. The emotions of our country are running wild.

I’ve also seen the question, “What do I tell my children?” That’s an important one. Because the election is done, but the hate is not. From both sides. What do we tell them?

We don’t tell them anything. We show them. We quit feeding the fuel of this hate fire with love.

Show them how to love your neighbor. And I don’t just mean your neighbor right next door. Anyone and everyone you encounter during the day. Give them a smile. Spread a little kindness. Hold a door open. Say thank you.

Show them that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness. Teach them that we are all part of this great big mixing pot that makes up the United States of America. Everyone is different, but deserves to be treated equally.

Over the next four years, let’s stand together. We need to continue the fight for the rights of equality for all. Let’s not budge even a millimeter backwards in our rights as human beings. Stand up for minorities, LBGTQ+, women, the disabled, the elderly, our children. Let your voice be heard.

Spread love. Spread kindness. Lead by example. Start today.

Love trumps hate. Now more than ever.


This image is not mine, I got it from a MuggleNet facebook post.

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