Visiting an Old Friend: Death of a Nurse

Death of a Nurse (Hamish Macbeth)

By M.C. Beaton

Rating: 4/5 Stairs

Published: 23 February 2016

DeathofaNurseIn some of my reviews, I like to tell you where I sit (on this series) before I tell you where I stand (on this book). Hamish Macbeth is a long standing series for me, so here we go…

Hamish Macbeth is one of my absolute favorite series to read. They are cozy mysteries, set in the small village of Lochdubh in a remote area of Scotland. I started in (what’s now) the middle of the series with Death of a Village, and I was hooked. I’ve bounced back and forth and read them all since then. I look forward to the new release every year.

So you should not be surprised that I was ecstatic when NetGalley gave me an advance copy of the latest release.

Hamish first meets the beautiful nurse Gloria Dainty outside of Patel’s grocery, and is immediately smitten by her looks. He invites her to dinner, but becomes suspicious when she doesn’t show. When her body turns up days later, he knows it’s murder. (Sorry if I spoiled this for anyone, but it is the title of the book. 😉 )

In general, Hamish Macbeth is considered to be a “lazy” policeman, but in reality he just doesn’t want to be promoted and have to close up his station in Lochdubh. He cares deeply about the villagers, his station, and his pets. When he solves murders he goes out of his way to avoid credit.

While every book comprises similar elements – Hamish avoiding promotion, life in Lochdubh, Detective Chief Inspector Blair’s attempts to get rid of Hamish – Ms. Beaton succeeds in making each outing fresh. Each murder is unique, we meet new characters, and we spend time with different “regulars.” Death of a Nurse is no exception. The mystery is interesting, the dialogue is witty, and Hamish’s relationships – both professional and personal – are entertaining.

If you are new to the series, you can jump right into this book. Ms. Beaton always makes sure new readers have enough information to spend time in Hamish’s world. If you are a long time reader, you will enjoy being back with the gang in Lochdubh. I know I did.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Grand Central Publishing for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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