Deal Alert! CHRONOS Files

I love to get a great deal on a book, and I know you do, too! I was so excited today when I saw author Rysa Walker announce some deals happening right now on her CHRONOS Files series. The sales are specifically for the novellas, but the trilogy books seem to be bargain priced as well.

I’ve only read the first book (Timebound) and the first novella (Time’s Edge), but I loved them. I plan on reading the rest of the series this year. If you’re a regular reader, you know I really enjoy books with time travel, and Ms. Walker’s Timebound sucked me right in. When I first began the series, only Timebound and the first novella Time’s Edge were currently available; otherwise, I would have devoured the entire series at once. Just typing this makes me want to get started on Time’s Edge! Moving it up on my “to read” priority list for sure.

These links all go to Amazon. I use the Kindle eReader App on my tablet so Amazon is where I like to get my ebooks, but I would bet that pricing is similar for other ebook formats.

CHRONOS File Novellas

The CHRONOS Files Series:

2 thoughts on “Deal Alert! CHRONOS Files

  1. I have been so good at resisting BookBub deals, but when these came with a personal recommendation I had to click through! Now I just have to remember to go back and get that second novella tomorrow.


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