Yes, Please. A Mini Review.

Yes, Please

By Amy Poehler

4/5 Stairs

YesPleaseThis was one of those books I knew I wanted to listen to the audio instead of read it. I love when an author reads their work, especially a comedian. It’s such a joy to listen to their delivery of their writing. Listening to these types of memoirs adds so much to the enjoyment of the novel.

Amy Poehler is no holds barred in this novel. Some chapters are personal, others are just funny. She talks about such a range of topics – childhood, her path to Chicago and then New York, becoming a mother. Her writing was engaging – most of the time really funny. One of my favorite chapters was just her random thoughts about things that happened while she was on Saturday Night Live.

She has guest readers throughout the audio book. Patrick Stewart reading haiku poetry about plastic surgery was pretty funny.

Be warned if listening to the audio book in the car – don’t blast the speakers. Her language is salty and sometimes she hits topics that you don’t want the next car over to hear. 😉 Keep those windows rolled up.

4 thoughts on “Yes, Please. A Mini Review.

  1. I love listening to the audio books of authors reading their own work (especially celebrities) as well. I think I actually have the audiobook of this languishing around somewhere. I’m going to have to start listening to it soon. Great review!

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