The Patriot Threat. A Mini Review.

The Patriot Threat

By Steve Berry

Rating: 4/5 Stairs

PatriotThreatThis is the tenth outing with Cotton Malone. Steve Berry continues to write page turning books. I love that he takes a bit of history, gives it a tweak, and then turns it into Cotton’s adventure.

In this case, the real bit of history was a conversation between Franklin D. Roosevelt and Andrew Mellon. And the main question on everyone’s mind is – is the 16th amendment allowing the collection of income tax legal?

I call these books “history with a twist,” and Steve Berry is the master. Cotton Malone is one of my favorite series, and Mr. Berry did not disappoint. Long time readers will enjoy, and those reading Cotton for the first time can jump right in.

A note on the audio book:

I usually read Steve Berry, but I wanted to read this book in 2015, and had not gotten to it yet. I happened to see an audio copy at the library, so I picked it up. I’m so glad I did.

While it is narrated by Scott Brick, Steve Berry pops in after most chapters to give you a little additional information. Sometimes it’s a note about the history. Others an anecdote about a characters name. Mr. Berry says it’s like he’s in the car with you, making a comment over your shoulder every once in a while. It was great.

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