The Heist. A Mini Review.

The Heist

By Daniel Silva

Rating: 3/5 Stairs

TheHeistI’ve been meaning to pick up a Daniel Silva book for ages, ever since The Rembrandt Affair came out. I saw this one at the library, and I needed a new audio book for the car, so I dove in.

The Heist is the 14th book in the series. I didn’t have trouble getting into the story, but there were a lot of characters with backstories involved. I felt like these characters had probably come up in prior adventures and I was missing something. Had I read the rest of this series, I feel like I would have appreciated the book more. It almost felt as if the author was writing a gift for the true fans of the series, bringing all these characters back into play.

I could be wrong, and way off base. But as a new reader to the world of Gabriel Allon, that was how it felt.

Otherwise it was a great story. I enjoyed the plot, and Gabriel’s quest to solve the mystery. It was just so character driven, I felt like I was missing something since I was late to the (series) party. My mom loves to read Daniel Silva novels, and thus The Heist is my 2015 Reading Challenge “A book your mom loves.”

2 thoughts on “The Heist. A Mini Review.

  1. I read the first book of the series last year (last year — how can 2015 already be last year?!) and I didn’t really enjoy it. I thought maybe I should just jump in with some of the newer books in the series, but after your review I’m not so sure! I thought for sure I’d love the series, but maybe it’s just not for me. (And honestly, I discovered so many awesome series last year that it might be a good thing to give one the axe!)

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