The Rosie Project – Funny. Smart. Heartfelt.

The Rosie Project

By Graeme Simsion

Rating: 5/5 Stairs

The Rosie ProjectI can’t believe I have waited so long to pick up The Rosie Project. If you haven’t read it, go get it now. Right now. I’ll wait.

Wait. Scratch that. Don’t get the book. Get the audio book. Dan O’Grady’s narration is fantastic. His delivery and timing is perfect.

Don Tillman is a brilliant genetics professor, but lacks basic social skills. Early in the book Don is delivering a lecture on the genetics of Asperger’s. Don’s lecture brilliantly seems to describe Don himself, although he does not identify his Asperger’s similarities. Don does realize that his brain is wired differently than most people and that his social responses are not always appropriate.

Thanks to the Asperger’s lecture, Don has an idea and initiates the Wife Project. It’s a foolproof way for him to find the perfect partner, with minimal time wasted on unsuitable candidates.  Don meets Rosie (who is quickly identified as unsuitable), but she has an interesting genetics issue and the Father Project commences.

This book was funny and also heartfelt. While Don is 39 years old, his innocence shines through. He’s straightforward with people and usually just calls it as he sees it. Don’s journey and self realization was enjoyable to read. The narrator, Dan O’Grady, was outstanding. His tone and delivery was right on. I really felt like I was hearing Don Tillman tell his story.

Really a funny, smart, enjoyable read. I loved it. So much so that I immediately joined the library waitlist for the audio book for it’s sequel, The Rosie Effect.

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