A Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up

It’s Monday morning (again!) and I know you need a pick-me-up to help your week get off to a good start. Never fear, David Tennant is here!

What could be a better pick-me-up than listening to David read you a story? I know, I know – this particular story has been branded a “bedtime story,” but honestly, it really is applicable for any time of the day. (Also I should point out that this Monday morning pick-me-up is really US time, so with the time difference it’s probably approaching bedtime in the UK anyway, Okay maybe not bedtime, but at least tea time. So you’re totally fine.)

I had not heard this story before and it is super cute. I present to you David Tennant reading “Emily Brown and the Elephant Emergency.” (And please remember to use the emergency phone only in the case of a true emergency.)

9 thoughts on “A Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up

      • Oh, yes! I don’t think I could’ve stomached How to Train Your Dragon without David Tennant’s narration. My kids love the books, but they’re just too full of potty humor for me. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is hilarious in its own right, and Tennant’s narration just makes it even better. We’re planning a re-listen plus all the sequels for Summer 2016. 😀

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