Pretty Little Liars

So today I’m going to let my inner fangirl out for a few minutes. Because I just started watching Pretty Little Liars. It was recommended to me last December (thanks Angela and Chandler!) and I just finally got around to getting season one from my library.


Oh. My. Goodness. I love it. My new TV obsession. Here’s why.

It’s mysterious

What happened to Alison that fateful night when she disappeared? Who is this mysterious “A” who keeps harassing those Pretty Little Liars, and knows all their deepest, darkest secrets?

It’s got fabulous ladies

No, not the four leads. (Although they are fabulous!) I’m talking Holly Marie Combs. And Laura Leighton. Sure, they are now playing the mothers of 16-year-old girls (oh my gosh I’m old!) but I love seeing them again. Although, they’ll always be Charmed Piper and Melrose Place’s Sydney to me.

Two words: Ezra Fitz.

Because if loving Mr. Fitz is wrong, I don’t want to be right.


TV Show or Book Series? Or Both?

So my question to all my bookish friends out there – should I read the book series? I am really wondering how it can top the TV show. And please keep it spoiler free in the comments – I’m just finishing up the fun of Season One.

6 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars

  1. I started watching PLL and really liked it too. I am just getting ready to start watching season 4. I haven’t read the books, so I am not sure which is better. I am curious though!

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    • I started the first book, just the first few pages. But the girls are a few years younger in it. (Ali hasn’t gone missing, but they are in summer after 7th grade!) So I’m not sure how it will compare with the show.

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