The Bones of You – More than a mystery. It’s about relationships.

The Bones of You

By Debbie Howells

Rating 4/5 Stairs
Publication Date: 30 June 2015

The Bones of YouFair warning: this review is going to be a bit short. I don’t like to include spoilers, and I am having difficulty writing this review while keeping it spoiler-free.

Set in a small English village, The Bones of You opens with 18-year-old Rosie Anderson’s murder, told from her point of view.

It’s true, what they say about when you die. In the final, terrible seconds of my life, eighteen years flash before my eyes.

Rosie used to come around and help Kate with her horses, and is the same age as Kate’s daughter. Both girls have been enjoying their summer and getting ready to leave for university. While the reader knows that Rosie is dead, we follow Kate as she learns Rosie is missing, and then later found. We are with Kate while she provides comfort to the Anderson family and wonders who could have committed such a brutal act. Was it someone they know in the village? Did a stranger come into town?

That’s when I learn how fragile hearts are. That they can break only so many times. The living, breathing cells that hold them together turn to cold, dead scar tissue, which can’t feel. Which isn’t able to love.

This was definitely a page turner. I liked how the narration was split between Kate’s viewpoint and Rosie’s memories. Ms. Howells writes beautifully. You see the Anderson family from Kate’s perspective, and then Rosie will step in with a memory. Kate and her family serve as a stark contrast to Rosie’s family. As Kate is sucked more and more into the life of the Anderson’s, her own life seems to be moving into the unknown.

To a mother, most of life can be reduced to the one thing that matters: family.

Much more than a murder mystery, this book is one about relationships. Mother and daughter, husband and wife, friendships. Another theme that runs throughout is what is happiness? And how do we know when we’ve got it?

He shows me there’s beauty in imperfection.

I really enjoyed this book. Wasn’t quite a 5 stair for me, but I do recommend it.

Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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