2015 Reading Challenge – Let’s give this a whirl.

I’m just discovering this now…do you think I’m too late?

Probably, but what the heck, I think I’ll give it a try. See how far I can get through the end of the year. I’ll go through later and tag books I’ve already completed that apply to the challenge. I may be further along than I think.

One Mystery or Thriller? I think I’ve got that one covered. 😉


4 thoughts on “2015 Reading Challenge – Let’s give this a whirl.

  1. I mashed up this one and Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge plus added a few others to create my own 60 Books Challenge. I also posted a little guide on where to find books for these challenges (just follow the link, it’s at the bottom of the page) 🙂 Good luck with your reading challenge!


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