The Santa Suit. A mini-review.

The Santa Suit

By Mary Kay Andrews

Rating 4/5 Stairs

Which starts like this:

“There it is!” Ivy Perkins pointed at the weather-beaten sign hanging from a dented mailbox nearly obscured by a stand of overgrown dead shrubbery. “Four Roses Farm, Punkin. See it?”

The Santa Suit

This was a super-cute Christmas-themed story. Recently divorced, Ivy moves from Atlanta to an old farmhouse near Asheville, North Carolina – having bought the home site unseen. When she arrives at the farmhouse, she meets her (cute) real estate agent (and next door neighbor), and discovers the farmhouse is not only full of the previous family’s belongings but is also need of a little TLC. While cleaning out the closet, she discovers a beautiful Santa suit, which becomes the catalyst of the story that helps Ivy shed her old life and find her new one in this small mountain community.

This book is sugary-sweet and the perfect feel-good holiday read. I don’t watch Hallmark Christmas movies, but I felt like I was reading one from start to finish. Curl up with a hot cocoa and your favorite blanket and get lost in the magic of Christmas for a few hours.

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