You Have a Match. A Mini Review.

You Have a Match

By Emma Lord

Rating: 4/5 Stairs

Which starts like this:

It starts with a bet.

“Abby, I’m one hundred percent more Irish than you are,” begins said bet, when Connie – who admittedly, is about as ginger as they come – challenges me at the lunch table.

You Have a Match

This was a super-cute YA book, perfect for a summer beach read! When Abby agrees to submit her DNA sample with her two best friends, she isn’t expecting much more than to win a bet about who is more Irish. It comes as a complete shock to find out she has a sister, a little more than a year older than her. How is it that her parents had another daughter that she doesn’t know about? The two meet, and the scheme is hatched – to go to summer camp together and try to learn exactly what their family secret is.

I love the film The Parent Trap (the original starring Hayley Mills), and this book gave me that summer camp vibe as well. Two teens who have discovered they are sisters, trying to sort out their relationship and family secrets at camp. There’s also some teenage love angst going on to throw some extra drama into the mix.

All-in-all a fun read that made me smile. If you are headed to the beach or pool this summer, be sure to toss a copy of You Have a Match in your bag!

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