A Deceptive Devotion. “To survive, you must swim with the current.”

A Deceptive Devotion
(A Lane Winslow Mystery)

By Iona Whishaw

Rating: 5/5 Stairs

img_8989It’s 23 April, and A Deceptive Devotion has just hit the shelves! This is the fourth Lane Winslow Mystery I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing (the sixth in the series). And – I’m sure I say this in EVERY review of this series but – how gorgeous is this cover?! I love the style and the colors they use for each book. This cover just makes me want to pick the book up and see what’s waiting for me inside.

And the writing and story are just as fantastic as the cover.

First let’s start with the mystery – Lane Winslow has a lot going on in A Deceptive Devotion:

  • A mysterious Russian countess shows up looking for her missing brother. As Inspector Darling tries to track down any leads, she stays with Lane; the countess only speaks Russian, and Lane is fluent.
  • Lane and Inspector Darling are preparing for their upcoming wedding. But will Lane get cold feet before the day arrives?
  • Ames is in Vancouver to take his Sergeant’s exam. His temporary replacement in Darling’s office is not measuring up.
  • Unknown to Lane, a former Russian spy has defected and is making his way to Canada (and hopefully Lane) for safety.
  • A local hunter in King’s Cove has gone missing – and is later found dead. Darling asks (okay, he tells) Lane to leave this mystery to the local authorities. But of course, Lane follows her instincts and does some snooping on her own.

Whew. I told you Lane has a lot going on.

Deceptive Devotion Quote1-2-2

I love this quote. My favorite line from the book by far.

What makes Lane Winslow mysteries different from other historical mysteries? It’s the storytelling. In each book, Ms. Whishaw tells two stories – the mystery in the present, and the events in the past that led up to the murder. This narration gives the reader a foundation to understand the motivations of the crime, and give depth to both the victim and the guilty. Her writing style is just lovely and detailed, transporting you back in time to post-war Canada.

My favorite part of these books is Lane herself. She is an independent, strong woman. Lane is not afraid to stand up for herself and do what she thinks is right. She fights fiercely for those she cares about. She is logical and intelligent. In A Deceptive Devotion, we find Lane dealing with a personal issue – is she prepared to give up her independent lifestyle and share her life with Darling? It’s not that she doesn’t love him – but can she give up her solitude, her space, her individual routines?

If you love any of the following – strong female leads, historical mysteries, Jacqueline Winspear’s Maisie Dobbs – don’t miss this book (or this series). The characters, setting, and stories combine for a wonderful mystery.

Many, many thanks to TouchWood Editions for providing me with an advance copy of this book for review.

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