MAD Librarian. A mini review.

MAD  Librarian

By Michael Guillebeau

Rating 3/5 Stairs

MADLibrarianThis is a book I really wanted to love. A librarian about to lose her library goes rogue to fight for her books. Love the concept.

Thanks to a dirty councilman, the library funding has all but dried up, and the library is on the brink of losing it’s doors. Librarian Serenity Hammer stumbles upon a secret stash of city money and borrows some to get them out of their immediate jam. But what happens when you keep on borrowing?

The book itself was funny at times, and I appreciated the passion that Serenity and her fellow librarians had for their library and their town. But as the book went on, things got muddled, at least for me. Throw in a law-abiding husband (the sheriff), a murder, blackmail, the FBI, a drug czar, and alligators and the water gets muddy. The lines of good and evil start to blur. By the end of the story I wasn’t sure if I was coming or going, and I was disappointed in the way everything wrapped up. You know I don’t do spoilers, so that’s all I will say there.

So what worked for me? Great concept, and humor throughout. What didn’t work? I would have liked a different ending.

Many thanks to NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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