It’s that time of year. (Or, playing catch up.)

Hello readers!

It’s that time of year again.


No, no, no. Not that time of year. Well, it is…but here at Hidden Staircase it’s that time of year where I realize I read a bunch of books but didn’t have time to review them right when I finished, but was sure I would get to them sooner rather than later and added them to a list in a cute little notebook I got or started an empty blog post so I wouldn’t forget (and some I even for got to write down but I have the actual books piled on the floor by my desk) and now I have a backlog that I need to catch up on.


And that run on sentence captures the craziness of my life at this moment. 😉

(Some of you may remember this exact same thing happened to me last year. I seem to be developing a pattern.) So…between now and the end of the year I’m going to try and get up as many mini reviews as I can. There may even be a few books I skip reviewing here altogether and just do a quick star rating over on Goodreads to get them in my challenge count. We will see.

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