TTT: Thankful.

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday (TTT) brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish.

November 22: Thanksgiving freebie — tell us what you are thankful for! Books you are thankful for!

I want to keep this list bookish this week, but I will start off by saying two personal things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving:

  1. My family. Every day, I feel so blessed to be married to my wonderful husband and be the mother of my two beautiful, healthy boys. Each and every day they provide me with a new reason to be thankful, and I am grateful. And we are all thankful for our little dog Oscar.
  2. My sweet Bailey. Almost two months ago, we lost a very important member of our family, our dog Bailey. We got her in 2001, when she was just four months old. I am so thankful we got to have over 15 wonderful years with her. She was the sweetest, most loyal companion I could have ever asked for. We all miss her very much.


Now…back to books!

There are so many things to be thankful for when it comes to books. I’m going to narrow it down this week to…

Top Ten Characters I’m Thankful For


Nancy Drew | Fred & George Weasley | AliceMaisie DobbsWinnie the Pooh
Willowdean Dickson | Chet the Dog | Don Tillman | Sherlock Holmes | Melrose Plant


What about you? What are you thankful for this week? (Bookish thankfulness or otherwise.) Sign off in the comments below and link up to your own TTT if you’ve got one.

Happy Thanksgiving!

4 thoughts on “TTT: Thankful.

  1. So much to be thankful for.

    And, your No.2 has brought tears to my eyes! My dog is 11 now, he’s getting a bit grumpy, but I absolutely adore him – and I just can’t imagine him not being with us.

    Lynn 😀


  2. My condolences on your pet. I’ve lost two cats, and it’s always sad, even though there are so many good memories to treasure.
    I bet a lot of people are thankful for that silly old bear, if they stopped to think about it. 🙂


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