Close Call – A fast-paced page turner.

Close Call

By Laura DiSilverio

Rating: 4/5 Stairs

closecallSydney Ellison sets her phone down to pay for her items at the deli counter, but accidentally grabs the wrong phone when she picks her bags back up. This innocent mistake sets off a chain of events that has Sydney fighting for her life and those she loves most.

The phone Sydney picks up is a burner phone that belongs to a hired gunman, and she realizes there is a threat on a congressman’s life. Due to past treatment (and notoriety) from the press, Sydney is reluctant to shine the spotlight on herself again by taking the phone to the police. While she is trying to decide what to do, tragedy strikes.

I’ve read many cozy mysteries by Ms. DiSilverio (The Charlie Swift Mysteries, Mall Cop Mysteries, and the first in The Readaholics series), but Close Call is very different. It’s fast paced and full of suspense.

The majority of the book alternates between Sydney’s perspective, and hired killer Paul’s. Even though you are getting information from the killer’s perspective, there is still plenty of mystery – who hired him and why? Sydney is frantically wondering the same thing – whose phone does she have, and ultimately, who hired him?

Another layer in the story is the relationship between each main character and their family. Sydney is reconnected with her estranged sister Reese, who seems to want to help her, but Sydney doesn’t trust Reese’s motives. Meanwhile, Paul is living a double life – his relationship with his sick father adds interesting pieces to his story.

Overall, a fun read. I’ve enjoyed Ms. DiSilverio’s writing in the past, and Close Call did not disappoint. I stayed up late at night to keep turning pages and see what would happen next.

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