Uncommon Criminals. A Mini Review.

Uncommon Criminals

By Ally Carter

Rating: 3/5 Stairs

UncommonCriminalsThe second in the Heist Society series, this is a fun art theft outing. The concept is similar to the film Ocean’s Eleven or the TV show Leverage, except this crew is comprised of 6 teenage thieves. The first book focused on Kat and her struggle: is she a thief, and if so what kind of a thief is she? This second outing has her wrestling with the question: does she need anyone or can she do it all alone?

I liked the first book a little bit more, simply because I liked the heist better. In this second outing, it was fun to be back with the characters. I plan on reading the third (and last?) book. I will say my 6th grade son happened to be in the car when I started listening to this book, and he forbade me from continuing on without him. He was hooked from the start and loved it all.

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