The Best Laid Plans

I had such great blogging plans this week. Such great plans. See, I’m going to be unavailable for blogging for at least the next week. And I was going to be so prepared. Get some posts done and published this past week, and also get a few posts in the can, ready to magically publish while I am away from the blogisphere. (Is this even a word? Well, it is now.)

And I even recently finished three books that are just waiting for reviews. (The Silkworm, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, and Fables Vol 1: Legends in Exile.) Perfect, right?

This past week’s Planned Posts to-do list:

  • What are you Reading Wednesday?
  • TV Theme: Doctor Who
  • Book Reviews – at least two of the three recently read
  • TTT for 8 September 2015

And then this week hit. This crazy, busy, insane week. Work, kids, life. Every day stuff. Stuff to get ready for the next week. Unexpected deadlines.

So my friends, I’m sorry. None of these posts were even started. You know what they say about the best laid plans. But the good news? I’ll get working on them when I get back.

As Twin Forks says, “I got plans for you. I got such big plans for you.”

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