TTT: Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors (Shhh….I really only have nine.)

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday (TTT) brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish.

Top Ten of your Auto-Buy Authors

No matter the genre or what it’s about…you’ll buy it from these authors!

If you guys read my TTT from last week, you know that I am loyal to my favorite authors. And up until about 10 years ago, this included buying their novels as well. But let’s face it – this is an expensive habit to have. Growing up, I used the library all the time to get my books, and I want my boys to use the library as well. Somewhere along the way in adulthood I started buying more than borrowing. Now I’m back in my library groove. I have a few favorite authors I buy from, but most of my book buys come either when I see a bargain, or I’ve just read a fantastic book and I know I want to add it to my personal library. (Hello, Landline, I’m looking at you!)

I think this list has a lot of overlap on my Favorite Author’s list, but that is why I buy them. Because they are my favorites.

For fun this week, if you click on the author’s name it will take you to their website. And as always, these are in no particular order.


I’ll take the lot!


  • JK Rowling/Robert Galbraith – Yes, her Cormoran Strike books are different than Harry Potter. And yes, they are fantastic. I also enjoyed A Casual Vacancy, although I know many Potter fans were disappointed. (It was such a different style book.)
  • Alex Grecian – New to my auto-buy authors, Mr. Grecian has pulled me in with his historical Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad thrillers. The writing is fast paced, and the characters intriguing. I really can’t wait for the next one.
  • Jenny Lawson – Funny, honest, and fabulous. She’s only written one book, but her second is coming on 22 September 2015.
  • Dan Brown – For me, his mix of history, puzzles, and thriller can’t be beat.
  • Rick Riordan – Percy Jackson is a favorite for me and both my boys. I’ll be honest, we’re not crazy about The Kane Chronicles. But we still have copies in the house.

Series Specific


I almost made it to ten! To make up for only having nine insta-buy authors, here’s my bonus category:

Add me to the library waitlist, please.


I have some books from these authors, but not all. Maybe one day when I have more shelving room at home. But I never miss reading a new installment.

Who am I kidding, I could make my library waitlist-list much longer. But I will spare you all at six.

What about you? Do you tend to buy or borrow books? Is your list similar to your top author’s list too? Share a cuppa with me below, and feel free to link up to your own TTT list if you’ve got one!

42 thoughts on “TTT: Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors (Shhh….I really only have nine.)

    • There’s a new Robert Galbraith coming in October. Yes! One nice thing on Dan Brown is he spends a lot of time researching his books, so they are so few and far between. Makes the wait worth it.


  1. The Strike series is fabulous! I cannot wait for the next book. These are the only books I pre-order.
    And the VM series almost made my list, except I haven’t read book 2 yet. For some reason, my library won’t get a physical copy of the book in. I should just go buy them.

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  2. I had gotten away from the library as well and was definitely buying more but like you say – that’s an expensive habit! I’m really curious about Rowling’s non-Harry Potter books. It took me a little while to get used to the whole concept of her not writing Harry Potter books but I”m really hoping to try them. And Jenny Lawson! If I had an honorable mention list she’d definitely be on it. I’m really excited about Furiously Happy!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! Casual Vacancy is a character study of life in a small village. Her Robert Galbraith novels are fun private investigator thrillers. I hope you like them, but very different from the world of Potter. 🙂


  3. I love Veronica Mars but I haven’t read the books. I have to change that! I haven’t heard of some of the authors you mentioned but I’m curious to try Jenny Lawson. Thanks for sharing! =)

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  4. I just picked up my first Maisie Dobbs book! I’m really looking forward to it. And I realize I need to read some MC Beaton too. I really have enjoyed the Galbraith books so far, and can’t wait for #3! Nice list!


  5. Jenny Lawson! I absolutely loved her first book and I have her second on my kindle just waiting for me to get to it – I can’t wait! I’ve never laughed so hard at a book as I did at her first book!


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