Summer’s over. Time to get back to reading.

My boys started back at school today. So summer is over! Okay, it’s not really over, but you know what I mean. Once summer break is done it kind of feels like it is.

I really had an epiphany this summer. I’m not sure why it’s never come to me before. I suppose because I didn’t have a book blog in summer’s past. Summer is not a great time (for me) to get any kind of reading done. 

That sounds crazy when I type it. I mean, it’s summer. So much free time! Time to relax with a great book, right? Wrong. As a mother who also works part-time, summer is insane. We were busy all the time. Running to and fro to camps. Sports. Barbecues with friends. Vacations. Every weekend we were booked with something. I’m exhausted, and I don’t even know what we did half the time. But it sure didn’t involve reading.

Sure, I sneak in a chapter or two at bedtime. But that’s it. During the school year, with our set schedules, I can usually get a few blocks of time during the day to just read. Especially on the two days when I don’t work but my boys are in school.

I had so many different books I wanted to get to this summer. Fun summer reads. Books I want to read. (Looking at these two lists I only read two books, and am in the middle of two more. So many hopes and dreams!) Books that have been sitting on my shelf (for way too long). Books for my 2015 Reading Challenge. Library holds that have come up. Those ARCs I requested (and were generously approved!) last spring when I felt like I would have all the (summer) time in the world.

Thank goodness school is back in session. Time to get back on track and try to get caught up with my reading. And let this be a lesson to me next summer – this is no time for reading. Save that for the fall.

4 thoughts on “Summer’s over. Time to get back to reading.

  1. I agree – summer is when my reading slumps most, and I don’t even have kids around the house to contend with! Long days, occasional good weather, gardens to be tended etc etc. Nope, winter curled up under a blanket on the sofa – that’s when the real reading gets done in my house.

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  2. You know, this is actually pretty funny to read. I work in a bookshop and if I may believe our customers summer is the best time to read. Some even said it’s the only time of the year they can sit down to read.
    So, stacks of books were bought the past weeks. Off course, I won’t know if they actually read them.
    Oh, so school starts sooner in the US? In Belgium, just like in Harry Potter, school starts on 1 September

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    • It depends on where you are in the US. Some schools don’t start up again until after the U.S. Holiday Labor Day, which is the first Monday of September. (I believe they finish their school year in mid to late June.) I live in Colorado, and most of the school districts around me start up early to mid-August. We finish the school year towards the end of May.

      As a student, I had a lot more reading time in the summer. As an adult, I do not. 🙂


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