Thanks to Comic-Con, we’ve got Veronica Mars and Sherlock Updates!

Totally unbook related today, people.

I have never been to San Diego Comic-Con (live a few states to the slightly northeast), but I love to see news and information that come out of the event. It sounds like everyone who goes has a great time and there is something for all to enjoy.

Thanks to this year’s Comic-Con I have gotten some awesome updates on my favorite shows: Specifically Veronica Mars and Sherlock.

Veronica Mars

The fabulous Michael Ausiello at TVLine interviewed Rob Thomas (and the rest of iZombie), and of course got Rob to talk a little bit about our favorite blonde detective. Rob states that he and Kristen Bell are up for either a second Mars movie OR a shortened TV series a la HBO’s True Detective. Yes. Yes! A thousand times yes! To either. Or both, preferably.

See Michael Ausiello’s full article here:

BBC Sherlock

So many things coming out about Sherlock – and it’s only one episode!

The Good

By now you’ve probably seen the promo to the Sherlock Christmas special, which puts our favorite duo and friends back in a Victorian time setting. (Why? Because Moffett thought it would be fun.) AND it will be released in the US in theaters like they did the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode. (Moffett confirms this in the Ausiello interview I’ve included under “The Bad.”) Fantastic.

The Bad

They haven’t even written the scripts yet for Series 4. Moffett says they’ve got ideas blocked out, but no script. See Michael Ausiello’s full interview below. And there are not really any spoilers, but if you want to know absolutely nothing about the Victorian special or (no script) Series 4, then skip it.

To read Ausiello’s report, visit

The Fun

Andrew Scott, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Mark Gatiss recorded this hello to Comic-Con’s fans, as none of them could be at the panel. Good news for the rest of us who can’t be at Comic-Con for all this fun either.

TV Line has interviews with tons of other shows as well. These are just the ones I got super excited about. Did you attend Comic-Con? Did your show have an awesome update thanks to Comic-Con? Feel free to comment away below.

6 thoughts on “Thanks to Comic-Con, we’ve got Veronica Mars and Sherlock Updates!

  1. Love the “Sherlock” video! And — believe it or not — I did not yet know about the Christmas special. How exciting! (P.S. We started watching “Sherlock” last fall and have not yet watched the last episode of season 3 because I don’t want it to be over!)

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    • I know it goes by too quickly! The episodes are filmed so well, it is like three movies instead of three TV episodes. I’m excited to see the Victorian special in the theater!!


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