A Familiar Voice

girltrainI was in the library a few days ago, browsing the books on CD to find something new to listen to in the car when I stumbled upon an audio copy of The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins sitting on the rack. Our library has a policy where they keep a certain number of popular titles as “lucky day” books, which are not used to fill the hold queues. Instead, they sit out on the shelf waiting for you to walk into the library and check them out. Of course I (silently) squeed with delight and scooped it right up.

When I start listening to a CD, I really don’t pay attention at the beginning when they announce the title and the reader. I was surprised to hear multiple reader’s names for this book, but again, didn’t pay much attention to the specifics. Of course I loved it right away when the narrator for Rachel came on. She’s British. I can’t think of anything better than listening to an audio book read by a Brit. The story itself sucks me right in. The narrative continues for quite a long time from Rachel’s point of view, and then after a while it switches to Megan.

Now Megan (also British), her voice is lovely, and – as I keep listening – familiar. Very familiar. After a while I realize why – it sounds so much like Molly Hooper’s voice. You know Molly Hooper – she works with Sherlock in the laboratory. (Some of us are secretly waiting for Sherlock to declare his undying love to Molly Hooper. But I digress.) But it couldn’t be Molly, could it? I look at the front of the CD cover. There in tiny letters: read by Clare Corbett, Louise Brealey, and India Fisher. Louise Brealey.

I love this book even more.

The lovely Molly Hooper.

7 thoughts on “A Familiar Voice

  1. I found a blog post with a hearty discussion between people reading the book and wondering if the narrators were REALLY different people or not and audiobook listeners who said nonsense, it’s different voices so it can’t be! In that sense, I’m glad I chose to read this one, because sure enough the thought (is Rachel really Megan? Is she Anna? Are Anna and Megan the same person? Is this The Sixth Sense all over again?) had crossed my mind a time or two, particularly as I found myself flipping pages to check timelines. It was fun to think about but my personal feeling is that it didn’t pan out as an interpretation – although I’m still willing to be swayed.

    I have finished reading this one now, and I have an appointment with my book club to ARGUE about it a bit at the end of the month 🙂 without sharing any spoilers as to why.

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    • I totally agree – I was wondering as I listened if they were the same people or different people. The different narrators did not deter me from wondering this. I was thinking if someone has a different personality it could be told with a different voice. I was really wondering about Rachel, especially with her blackouts. I loved listening to the audio version – the readers were excellent at bringing the emotion of each character out.


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  3. I had planned on trying to get the physical book, but I honestly have no time to read it! (And I really want to, believe me). However, I do have a commute to work and back that is great for audiobooks, so this was wonderful to read. Louise Brealey is just a bonus.
    The last audiobook I listened to was the fully dramatized “The Graveyard Book” (Neil Gaiman), and it was incredible. It made a long drive down south fly by.

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