TTT: Top Ten Authors I REALLY Want to Meet

Top Ten Tuesday

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Ten Authors I REALLY Want To Meet

This week is probably going to be pretty repetitive to a recent TTT in which I listed my favorite authors. I’m not going to revisit that post when thinking about this topic. When I’m done we can check for fun to see if all 10 match or if I’ve got some different authors I’d like to talk to besides my favorites. I’ll do my best to come up with some new ones here.

1. J.K. Rowling. Duh.

2. Oscar Wilde. Can we pick dead authors? Too late, I just did. The Doctor will have to swing by and pick me up in the TARDIS for this one.

tennant and tardis

3. Jenny Lawson. Jenny is the one author on this list who feels like a regular gal to me. She is so hysterically funny. Her writing makes me feel like we would be buddies who would have a fun time hanging out.

George4. George Harrison. My favorite Beatle. I think he counts, right? (We’ve already established use of the TARDIS in this list, so I know that’s not the issue.) But does George count as an author for this list? I say yes. He wrote an autobiography, but he also penned song lyrics both while he was with The Beatles and as a solo artist. Song lyrics are a form of poetry, so I say yes, he counts. And more importantly, it’s my list, and I can do what I want.

5. Steve Berry. With his delightful Georgia accent, I would love to sit down and just talk history with him.

6. M.C. Beaton. Her Hamish Macbeth characters are so wonderful to read. I would enjoy sitting down to have a spot of tea with her and learn more about her and her life in Scotland.

Mad Tea Party

7. Rainbow Rowell. Still have only read Landline. (I plan to fix that and read more from her, don’t worry.) I have questions from Landline and want to know what happened to the characters after it ended.

8. Lee Child. I love his Jack Reacher series, but I really want to ask him whose idea it was to have Tom Cruise play 6′ 5″ bad-ass Reacher in the film adaptation. Really? Because…watson_no

ButterflyBall9. Jane Yolen and Jane Breskin Zalben. To thank them for penning my favorite childhood book, Invitation to the Butterfly Ball. My dad and I used to read that together every night and we both had the whole book memorized.

One little mouse in great distress looks all over for a floor-length dress. If she can’t find one smaller than small, then she can’t go to the Butterfly Ball!

10. Rick Riordan. This one’s for my boys. It would be awesome to sit with Mr. Riordan and talk about Percy Jackson and also the new Norse series coming this fall.

Who makes your list? Is it different from your favorite authors? Looks like half of this list is overlapping with my favorite author list. Comment below and feel free to add a link to your own TTT.

Until next time, I bid you adieu.

Or Laters, as they apparently say in England.

29 thoughts on “TTT: Top Ten Authors I REALLY Want to Meet

    • I had trouble picking, I guess because I am happy with just reading most authors works but don’t have a pressing need to meet them. I guess when I thought about it, I ended up making my list more about who I would want to sit down and talk to, which helped me to just have 10.


  1. I picked a couple of writers who aren’t with us any longer as well.

    As for the casting of Reacher, Child didn’t get a say but he went along with it publicly. I think he learned how you can torpedo a chance of future movies by being too critical ala Clive Cussler and “Sahara.”

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  2. “And more importantly, it’s my list, and I can do what I want.” Cookies for your badass-ness! I’m glad to find Rainbow Rowell and Rick Riordan on your list; they seem to be crowd-favorites. But how can we blame people, right? Out of the current Rainbow titles, Attachment is the last one I’ve yet to read. But I enjoyed Landline and I think you should start with Fangirl now? Just saying.

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  3. We share the first two authors on your list and J.K. was the only living author that made my list so I’m totally okay with including dead authors! Not all the authors I included would make a top ten favorites list – some would but some I like and just think they would be fascinating to spend time with. Nice List! I think M.C. Beaton would be very interesting to meet – she creates some great quirky characters with Hamish being my favorite as well.

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  4. Yesss, Rainbow Rowell! She seems like a cool person, based on her twitter presence.
    COOL STORY TIME: Lee Child is from my hometown! (I haven’t met him, though.)

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