Cherringham – A Lesson in Murder

Cherringham – A Lesson in Murder (A Cosy Crime Series)

By Neil Richards, Matthew Costello

Rating 2.5/5 Stairs

Cherringham: A Lesson in MurderI will state up front on this one: this was a short story, and in turn a short review.

The Cherringham series has a promising premise – it is a serial, with a short mystery released once a month. At the beginning of the story, it gives you background on our two main detectives (American Jack and Cherringham’s Sarah), so you can dive right in. A Lesson in Murder happens to be book 13 in the series; Jack and Sarah are comfortable partners at this point.

The story started out great, the writing pulled me right in. A disgusting prank is played in the indoor pool at the wealthy boarding school, and Jack and Sarah are brought in to investigate the crime. Once the investigation started, the book felt rushed to me. Maybe it’s because I just read Swansong, an excellent boarding school mystery. Maybe it’s because the story is intended to be short, and therefore not as much time is given to explore the mystery in greater depth. It’s hard to put my finger on.

I am going to give these stories another shot, it may be that this particular outing just didn’t work for me.

Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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