Double Up. (On laughter.)

Double Up

By Gretchen Archer

Rating: 5/5 Stairs

Davis Way is back!

The last we saw super spy Davis, she had been six months pregnant with twins, still working for the Bellissimo casino and Bianca Sanders. We return to find Davis is the mother of two beautiful eight-month old girls. Davis is taking her role as stay-at-home mother very seriously. And by seriously, I mean she is not leaving the house. Ever.

Double Up_Quote Three

DoubleUpNow granted, she and Bradley have a spacious 10,000 square foot house (floor) at almost the top of the casino. She can order room service with whatever she needs. And she has House. (Her house has been fully wired to be a state-of-the-art technological wonder that is actually a little too much at times. Okay, most of the time.) She could be a stay-at-home mom indefinitely. Well, as long as the Bellissimo stays in business.

Davis knows that the Bellissimo is on it’s last legs – there’s a new casino in town (Blitz) that’s taking all of the business. She hasn’t spoken to her best friend Fantasy in months. And then her ex-ex-mother-in-law Bea Crawford (Davis married and divorced her son twice) appears on her doorstep needing a place to stay. Let the hijinks begin.

This is the third Davis Way I’ve read, and the sixth in the series. I really enjoy this series. The characters are just so enjoyable and fun, and always manage to get themselves wrapped up in ridiculous situations. As always, Ms. Archer had me laughing out loud throughout the book. Ms. Archer voices Davis perfectly, and the asides she puts in throughout are so funny. One of my favorite bits in this go-around are the voice-to-text messages Davis receives from her mother.

Double Up_Quote One

I will note that this is not your traditional mystery novel. Davis is in a postpartum funk, and the combination of the arrival of Bea and the Bellissimo’s demise is what finally kickstarts Davis back into action. Armed with (a terrible) secret spy (Bea) and a whiteboard and laptop in her home office, Davis is determined to figure out just exactly what Blitz is up to and hopefully save the Bellissimo (and her home).

Double Up_Quote Two

Be prepared for crazy hijinks, laugh-out-loud hilarity, and shrimp. Oh, the shrimp.

Double Up_Quote Four

Many thanks to NetGalley and Henery Press for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

13 thoughts on “Double Up. (On laughter.)

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  2. I was so lucky to find out about Gretchen before her first Davis Way book was published and I have been a super fan ever since. Gretchen Archer’s writing appeals to me in every way and I just can’t get enough of her character, Davis Way and her trials and tribulations!! Each book has been wonderful but I really feel that Double Up was the best one yet. If anything more than a five star rating was available, this book would have gotten it from me!

    Great job once again to this fabulous author with such a fresh approach to writing.

    Cynthia Blain

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  3. Great Review! Love your graphics! I really like your review style and how you incorporate the graphics throughout. Go back & read all the books in the series. Trust me, you’ll be so glad you did!


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