Thank you, Mr. Rickman.

I was so sad this morning when I heard the news about Alan Rickman. Only 69 years old.

By far my favorite piece I’ve read has been from The Bloggess. Take a minute to go off and read it. I don’t mind. The image below is from her post.


From a bookish perspective, we all know how difficult it is to turn a beloved book into a film. From the script to the scenery to the vision of the director, everything must be perfect for the book lover to appreciate the work. But we all know that if the wrong actor is cast as a favorite character, it is doomed.

Alan Rickman gave us the most perfect, wonderful Severus Snape we could have ever dreamed of. Thank you, Mr. Rickman. Always.

Now I love a little humor in my life, especially in times of sadness, so I will leave you with two fun Jimmy Fallon segments. Jimmy and Benedict’s “Alan Rickman-Off,” and Alan Rickman’s response the next time he came on the show. Enjoy.


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