The Girl on the Train – The Less You Know, the Better.

The Girl on the Train

By Paula Hawkins

Rating: 5/5 Stairs

girltrainI’m going to be honest here. This is probably going to be the worst review I ever write. And I’ll tell you why – I have nothing substantial to tell you about this book. No summary of the story. No analysis about the characters. No comments about how plot points worked and weaved together. I don’t want to spoil this book for you with any details. I think going into this book with no idea what you’re getting into is the best way to read it.

I will tell you I picked it up because I had heard it compared to Gone Girl (by Gillian Finn). I loved Gone Girl – what a great premise and full of surprises. I would say The Girl on the Train is in a similar vein to Gone Girl in that you don’t know where it’s going, and it has some surprising twists and turns. But I didn’t find it as morally dark and twisted as Gone Girl was. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a novel full of sunshine and butterflies, but let’s face it – Gone Girl’s Amy Dunne is messed up.

Like a train itself, The Girl on the Train starts out slow, but quickly picks up speed. Once I got into it (which happened quickly), I couldn’t put it down. Well, that’s not literal – I was listening to the audio version – but you know what I mean. No one’s outside life is as it seems. So many secrets. The audio book was terrific – narrated by three women, including the wonderful Louise Brealey.

I had a friend comment that she was glad she read the physical book, she felt like the audio book wouldn’t have worked as well. But I loved it. I had so many questions and theories about what was going on – all wrong of course. But it was great fun to listen to.

I know many of you out there have already read The Girl on the Train. But if you haven’t – pick it up. Right now. And don’t read any other reviews. The less you know, the better. 😉

16 thoughts on “The Girl on the Train – The Less You Know, the Better.

  1. I also listened to the audiobook. My house got a much needed cleaning while I was listening to it. I could not turn it off. I just wanted to keep listening. I think I finished it in two days or something. A very entertaining book!

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  2. I feel like the outsider because I didn’t like it in the end – but it was a compelling read! I also hesitate to say any more than that – so even though I am not a huge fan, I don’t want to spoil the experience for anyone else.

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  3. Books that you can reveal nothing about are definitely difficult to review but you did a great job. It’s really helpful to know that while the book is dark it isn’t quite as twisted as Gone Girl. I’m not sure I can handle another Amy Dunne at this point! I’m on a very long waiting list for this book and have been a little nervous wondering if it would work in that format so I’m pleased to know you enjoyed it.

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  4. Comparing this one to Gone Girl does both a disservice, I think.

    Yes, both of them have alternating narrators who may be unreliable. But beyond that I don’t really think the two books are all that similar. I enjoyed each one on its own merits and while I enjoyed Gone Girl more (I was simply riveted to it), that doesn’t mean this one isn’t good.

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